Core Faculty

Associated Faculty
  • Photo of Andrew R. Bell
    Andrew R. Bell
    Research/Interest: The use of surveys, experimental games, and choice experiments to inform the development of agent-based models of agricultural decision processes.
  • Photo of Jessica Green
    Jessica F. Green
    Research/Interest: transnational regulation, international environmental law, global governance and regime complexity; recent work focuses on the politics of standard-setting in the climate change regime
  • Photo of Jennifer Jacquet
    Jennifer Jacquet
    Research/Interest: Cooperation, Conservation Science, Climate Change, Overfishing, Reputation, Social Approval, Wildlife Trade
  • Photo of Dale Jamieson
    Dale Jamieson
    Research/Interest: ethics, environmental philosophy
  • Photo of Colin Jerolmack
    Colin Jerolmack
    Research/Interest: How relations with the environment and animals structure urban communities and everyday life.
  • Photo of David Kanter
    David Kanter
    Research/Interest: Nitrogen pollution; Food Security; Sustainable Development.
  • Photo of Mary Killilea
    Mary E. Killilea
    Research/Interest: Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing and modeling to explore spatial and temporal variability in ecosystems, spatial dynamics of Lyme disease and other tick-borne pathogens
  • Photo of Sonali McDermid
    Sonali  McDermid
    Research/Interest: Understanding interactions between climate change and variability, land-use, and agriculture, with an eye towards identifying and quantifying important feedbacks and uncertainties.
  • Photo of Anne Rademacher
    Anne M. Rademacher
    Research/Interest: Environmental anthropology; modern ecology and statemaking; sustainable design in urban settings; urban ecology; NYUrban Greening Lab
  • Photo of Christopher Schlottmann
    Christopher P. Schlottmann
    Research/Interest: Environmental Studies, Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Food and the Environment, Environmental Education, Animal Ethics
  • Photo of Tyler Volk
    Tyler Volk
    Research/Interest: Environmental challenges to global prosperity, metapatterns and principles of form and function in systems, CO2 and global change, the role of life in Earth dynamics