A Conversation with Activist/Actress Shailene Woodley on the Pilgrim Pipeline Project


Shailene Woodley (Activist/Actor)
Jeremy Cherson (Campaign Advocacy Coordinator for Riverkeeper)
Jessica Green (NYU Professor of Environmental Studies)
Cliff Matias (Director of Redhawk Native American Arts Council)
Jessica Roff (Programs Manager for Catskill Mountainkeeper)
Bethany Yarrow (Activist/Musician)

David Kanter (NYU Professor of Environmental Studies)

Shailene Woodley, Bethany Yarrow, Karenna Gore, Jessica Roff, Professor David Kanter, Jeremy Cherson, and Professor Jessica Green

Cliff Matias and Shailene Woodley

Professor David Kanter and Jeremy Cherson

Jeremy Cherson, Shailene Woodley, Jessica Roff, Cliff Matias