Becca Franks

Adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies
Ph.D. in Psychology, Columbia University (2012)
M.A. in Psychology, Columbia University (2009)
B.A. in Anthropology, New York University (2002)


Areas of Research/Interest:
animal welfare, cognitive enrichment, motivation, animal personality, statistical modeling, fish

"Topics in Animal Studies: Animal Welfare & Behavior" (Spring 2017)

Becca recently completed a Killiam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Animal Welfare Program at The University of British Columbia where she was fortunate to fulfill her life-long dream of studying fish. Throughout her career Becca has focused on uncovering fundamental patterns of motivation and well-being across species, working with walruses, chimpanzees, salmon, rats, humans, mice, and zebrafish to name few. She is now a Research Scientist at the Motivation Science Center at Columbia University.

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